Accounting at Guelph

The College of Business and Economics strives to develop business leaders with a social conscience. Each CBE major emphasizes sustainability, collaboration and community engagement through learning. The Accounting Program is the second largest business program within the College of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph. The major develops technical, analytical and leadership skills required to be successful in both accounting and management related fields. Throughout classes, students examine and understand the financial topics that pertain both to entrepreneurial businesses and corporations alike.

The Accounting Program is also fully accredited by the Chartered Professional Accounts (CPA) of Ontario. Therefore, the program offers all the undergraduate course requirements for entry into CPA’s Professional Education Program. In addition to a student’s accounting courses, through their other core courses, students are also able to develop secondary knowledge in leadership, real estate and housing, public management, marketing, hospitality and tourism management as well as human resources.

With the end goal of receiving a job offer upon graduation, throughout the 4-5 years of the program, students will have numerous opportunities to connect with employers. Whether it is through the CBE’s Business & Career Development Centre or though Co-op and Career Services, students will be provided with the resources and the opportunity to learn how to do this in an effective and professional manner whether they have chosen the co-op option or not.

Lastly, this past year the Guelph’s Accounting Program has expanded into graduate studies and now offers students the option to complete a 4-month Graduate Diploma in Accounting. This diploma helps students further their career as a CPA and helps them to stand out among their peers.

Additional Information

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